Spring Break…

It’s over! After a week of traveling, drinking, waking up at noon and having SO much fun, the brake is over and it’s time to go back to school. Although I love SBCC, it’s hard not to wish for an extra week of relaxation.

(Mission Bay – San Diego)

San Diego was really fun and the 4 days we spend there practically made my whole brake. I would like to thank the amazing people who made me laugh – Lipe, Aline, Tatiana, Linnea, Otavio, Felipe and Sergey – and shared with me the bests Norbas ever 😀 Oh, FYI room 219 is THE best! Sorry, yet I can’t say why… chumash!

(Hollywood Bl.)

In our way back to Santa Barbara, we stopped a few hours in LA to hang out, and FINALLY I  found the most shiny star! I love Britney Spears since 1999 – I was only 9 years old – and taking  this picture was definitely a dream come true for me.

I WANT TO MOVE TO LA! Two years to go 🙂

After that we walked around West Hollywood, had lunch in an amazing organic restaurant  (O!Burger), and had the best lime pie I ever had in America. I really wish I could remember the  name of the place, but the only thing I know is that they are GREAT and that it’s close to  Subway (8000 Santa Monica Bl.). You really should look around in your next trip to  Hollywood!

We also walked around Venice Beach but everything was closed (8pm) and it was freezing cold,  so we left home, to get some sleep – I was completely exhausted after driving 6 hours and  walking for 3h in Hollywood. Nevertheless I had a blast!

The rest of the days were expended in Walmart – the ultimate castle for cheap shopping – Camarillo Outlet, Sharkeez and chilling at my apartment. Every second was awesome! And after I took my friend to the airport – he went back to Brazil – I had a chance to do some homework, and just relax at home doing absolutely nothing! I mean, not NOTHING, I did watch “17 again”, the lasts episodes from “90210” and “Parenthood” 😀

But today everything starts again! College, homework, MONOLOGUES, SCENES… Ok, ok is not bad! Actually is pretty great!

Best Wishes!

(1 month and a half to go, and after that is SUMMER TIME!!!)

Too much…

Yes! Sometimes after few hours of sleep, road trips around the LA area (downtown and Hollywood) and 5 shots of tequila, your body can’t take it anymore, so it falls down. That happened to me over this weekend. I had so much fun that I couldn’t take it anymore! Yesterday I had a fever, slept the whole day and drank loads of tea. I do feel kinda better, and even got the chance to do some Astronomy homework (Did you know that Copernicus died in the same day that his first book was published?) and tonight I have to practice for my “Good Will Hunting” scene. Hopefully tomorrow I will be 100%!

Even though I was feeling horrible yesterday, I can’t forget about the amazing weekend I had. One of my best friends from Brazil got here to visit me, and the things are more than perfect. Yet, I don’t feel like going back to Brazil at ALL. Especially when I have the opportunity to see a place like these:

And… did I told you I’m going to move to Beverly Hills?? 🙂

Again and Again…

I’m not even starting this blog in the proper way. Since every other one that I owned was a failure, this one I want to do something different with it. Hopefully, I’ll get it right this time.

Normal Monday, I supposed to head down to English 100 by 2pm, but my trip to LA during the weekend, made me want to stay at home, chilling for an extra day. I also have to memorize a monologue by tomorrow, so going to school is not on my to-do’s list. Thankfully I did have a great time driving around the funky streets of Hollywood, eating cheep pizza inside of a cheep hotel, and laughing with two of the best companies I could ask for it. Thanks guys, the weekend was a lot of fun!

But I really have a lot of work to do in my monologue, so I can’t spend a lot of time talking about other things. Although I’m happy that my blog is on again! 🙂

And to start off completely in other direction, I’ll post something I craving for: Lunch.

(from Google Images)