Again and Again…

I’m not even starting this blog in the proper way. Since every other one that I owned was a failure, this one I want to do something different with it. Hopefully, I’ll get it right this time.

Normal Monday, I supposed to head down to English 100 by 2pm, but my trip to LA during the weekend, made me want to stay at home, chilling for an extra day. I also have to memorize a monologue by tomorrow, so going to school is not on my to-do’s list. Thankfully I did have a great time driving around the funky streets of Hollywood, eating cheep pizza inside of a cheep hotel, and laughing with two of the best companies I could ask for it. Thanks guys, the weekend was a lot of fun!

But I really have a lot of work to do in my monologue, so I can’t spend a lot of time talking about other things. Although I’m happy that my blog is on again! 🙂

And to start off completely in other direction, I’ll post something I craving for: Lunch.

(from Google Images)