Food revolution…

STOP!!! And read it carefully.

Today I’m here to talk about the greatest idea a person had so far and this is the Jamie Olive’s “Food Revolution”. First of all I must say that he’s my favorite chef (me and mom used to always watch his show back in Brazil). And second I want to say THANK YOU, is so GOOD so watch someone doing something for America’s eating habits.

Let me tell a story about myself: the first time I came to America was in 2006 and I was 16. The place of choice was Garland, TX and it was a life changing experience in more than one way. I could write about that, yet the only thing I would like to brought it up was that I gained 45 pounds. 45 POUNDS!!! How?? If you go into Naaman Forest High School’s cafeteria, the local Walmart and fast food chains around my neighborhood, you will understand. Obviously anxiety and my own choices had an influence on it but I lived in Brazil all of my life and I was NEVER close to being fat there. I’m so sorry, but the only responsible for those pounds were THE FOOD. French fries, hamburgers, Starbucks, donuts, oversized candies, pizza, large sodas… The list is too big, and if you live in America you know every idem. After I went back to Brazil, every single pound left my body and I was hot n smoking again 🙂 However I came back… and it’s no surprise that I gained some weight, but thankfully this is California and it will not stick with me. Although it is an on going battle, just because THERE IS SO MUCH JUNK FOOD!!!!! And it’s so cheap… Yet I stopped caring about the money I was spending and now I just have salads and chicken at my place, and when I go out I simply leave my credit card at home, that easy! Because while America keeps with this bull***** food, I rather starve.

And this is what the “Food Revolution” is about: changing the way that America eats. Again: THANK YOU Jamie Oliver, my mom appreciates your effort to take junk food out of my life! 😀 I’m up for this, and it would a pleasure to be a part of his idea! And not just because of me, but for all of those Americans who suffer with obesity, diabetes and premature deaths in the family (heart disfunction, liver complications…). If YOU think that a change should happen, please: SIGN THE PETITION and I’m putting here on the side, so everyone won’t forget about it. JOIN THE CAUSE. America’s needs help!

Best Wishes!

ps: I’ve never had so much homework as this week in my whole life! I appreciate it, but it’s enough now.