One of my “must attend” events in the my future glamours life (cof-cof) is the Met Ball. I have no idea what goes on inside, but what I do know is that I’m dying to have a gorgeous high couture dress wrapping my body. However today is not about me (especially because I didn’t got there this year)! Is about my favorite british actress. Someone that grew up in front of our eyes, that let the teenagers corky looks behind and managed to be (in my opinion) one of the biggest fashion icons on the scene: Emma Watson.

There is she in 2002 at the Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets premier. Not so good, huh? I mean, what is up with those SHOES?? Not to mention the bag or the actual dress… BUT, thankfully, she fired her personal stylist, and found her way in the crow. And now, she looks like this:

Not bad, huh? She looks heavenly in this Burberry dress! Everything fits together, and she definitely proved that her place it is in the spot light.

Talent and good looks… promising future I would say. Hopefully one day she will give me some fashion tips 🙂

Best Wishes!!



I’m a huge believer of carma (like my friend Tatiana lol), and for me everything you put into the world, you will receive it back, three times bigger. I proved this theory more than once, and I’ve seen it happening right in my face, so there’s no way I can’t deny it. And unfortunately human-kind is facing this idea. Consequences, better said!

Through the years, man release into the world the most horrible acts: against each other, but mostly damaging the environment. Thankfully (that’s how I see it) we are paying for every single one of them. Nature is fighting back, however it is in slow motion, little by little. In my conception there’s nothing wrong with the weather, WE MADE IT THAT WAY! By putting into the air all of the chemicals from factories, slaughterhouses, oil barriers… Using all the days we have to kill, destroy, pollute and extinguish every natural resource. There’s no surprise on the news! Natural disaster are happening for a reason: Mankind must be vanished from Earth, painfully!

(click on the images to read more)

Is happening all over the world, and it won’t stop!

However I like to think there’s a way out. Maybe if they quit the devastation of the forest, or shut down all of the slaughterhouses… Maybe we still have a chance. I really hope that my theory is nothing but stupid thoughts, and this bad weather is just something that soon will be over. Yet, this is not the only problem. What about all of those new diseases? Cancer, alzheimer’s, diabetes, h1n1, aids, heart complications… How to explain that?

All that I know is that I’m trying to do my part: recycling (when my “lovely” roommates don’t mix food with plastic), not wasting water, turning into a vegan… Because in the end, is all about what YOU do, not them! We are all part of this humankind, and the problem is our responsibility! Not as countries, groups, or families, but as earthlings. We all share this planet, and we must take care of it. Before is too late…

Best Wishes everyone!

Lunch time…

My first veggie burger! It was really good actually 🙂 People completely overrate the Vegan lifestyle!! (I had a hard time doing the smiley face, as you can see).

Tonight I will post something that is going through my head since last week. It’s BIG!! I would do it now, but I’m kinda late for class, as usual!

Tea party…

When I was still living in Brazil, I always asked my mom to buy some tea. She would, and I would drink once. Tops! But since I got here, I decided to make tea a part of my life, and now I drink it everyday, sometimes even twice a day. I love the warm feeling in my belly and how light I feel afterwords. My favorite (until today) was Herbal Tea, no sugar, no honey… just tea! However, walking through State St. today, I decided to finally buy my teapot (I didn’t have any, what a shame!) and choose Teavana to do so. Although is a expensive store, I found my pick (this), and obviously I had to take some tea also 😀 That was REALLY expensive, and let me totally broke, but it was worth it! They let you choose what kinds of flavors you want to blend and for me the perfect choice was the Raspberry Riot Lemon Mate and the Weight to Go! Pu-erh. When I got home, the first thing I did was to start boiling the water, and to prepare! The blend is AMAZING! The raspberry is so tasteful, the lime gives a citrus taste and along with mint this tea is perfection. Forget about Herbal tea, Raspberry Riot Lemon Mat-Weight to Go! Pu-erh t is one hundred times better!

My afternoon was delightful and the best way to finish my weekend.

(my new teapot and the actual tea)

BTW: 3 weeks until the end of school. Yey!!

Oh, thanks for everyone that took time to read my last post and supports my decision!! Even made me want to post more 🙂

First vegan grocery shop…

90% of my life’s choices are drastic and BIG! For example: if I want to be as actress, Hollywood has to be the only place; or if I want to get drunk (something that doesn’t happen very often), passing out is the only way I’ll leave the club… 😀 For me it always has been ALL or NOTHING. So being Vegan was obviously the right path for me. There’s just two options in my mind: you can choose to kill animals, or not. AT ALL!! (Because if you are vegetarian, there’re cows who are suffering so you can have your glass of milk in the morning.) So yes, for me I had to quit everything. Especially after watching “Earthlings”… I cried for 1:30min, non stopping!! If you wanna know how the animals are treated in shelters, slaughterhouses, zoos, circus, bullfighting, fur factories, medical laboratories and more, you should watch it! It will chance the way you see anything related to animals. However I have to let you know that it contains really violent scenes, so I wouldn’t show it to my children, or maybe you should prepare yourself also… For that matter, here is the trailer:

Don’t watch if you can’t handle, is YOUR choice.

So after spending the whole afternoon crying over that documentary and knowing with all of my heart that I will never eat animal related (or whatever is the right way to say this) food anymore, I went to my friend’s house so I could stop thinking about it. It was very fun, our nights are always the bests! But obviously the video and my new lifestyle didn’t left my mind and I knew that what I had to do: Grocery Shop 😀 And this is the best part. I LOVE grocery shopping. So I left my friends house in the morning, went to Blenders, order a Açaí juice with soy ice cream and soy milk (it was DELICIOUS), and got into Lazy Acres. I love that place! It’s cute, great service, very clean and completely ORGANIC! Here it is what I bought:

(veggie burger, veggie pizza, uncle eddie’s cookies & banana chips)  😀

It wasn’t a lot because here at home I already have yellow and red peppers, shitake mushrooms, normal mushrooms, wheat bread, tomatoes, cucumber, all-bran, blueberries, condiments. C’mon, it’s impossible to say that any of those things aren’t delicious! The Vegan cookies were the BESTS ones I’ve ever had, and the good thing is since doesn’t have sugar, dairy or eggs you feel so good after eating it. In addition forget about that feeling when you start eating a cookie and you can’t stop it. It’s the sugar and dairy making you feel you need them!

Although I didn’t do anything after that (just some homework), the day was great and until now I had no cravings! People make this bigger that what it is. Being Vegan is fun 😀 Oh, just one more thing: if you saw the video and wants to know what is the first step to be a vegan, go to the PETA website, it’s very helpful and makes you really want to help.

Best Wishes!


I always knew that this day would come! The day that I would embrace my passion for animals and finally give up of meat, chicken, pork and dairy. This day is today! This idea is not new, I’ve talked to my mom a lot of times about it, I always had enormous respect for vegans and now it’s my time. The turning point was a book (it’s always about a book) “Skinny Bitch”.


Never heard of it? So go to barnes& and buy it, or just go into their website. Is good, and you will not feel the wish for eating anything that is not good for you. And meat is definitely NOT good for you. Although it’s not only just about me: have you ever read about the kind of things that those poor animals have to go through? Well, I try to keep my mind of it, but I can’t close my eyes… not anymore!

So today I’m here to let everyone know that I’M A VEGAN! It would be hard to change my love for sushi, however I can deal with it. NO MORE!!!

(vegan action)

I already feel better, BUT what do I do with all the canned tune, frozen chicken and meat inside of my fridge? Shit. Help please?

Home Sweet Home…

219 W YANONALI ST, Santa Barbara, CA 93101.

My new address 😀

Now I just need $915.000, maybe I should start a fun raiser. Would you help me? I promise I will invite you in, WHENEVER!!!

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