Living room…

College life… How amazing is that?? The freedom, the friends, the parties, your own place… I’m having such a blast this semester! I mean, my roommates are the bests (we are our little family), our house is more that I could ask for and my classes couldn’t be better. BUT I’m not here today to talk about how amazing things are, actually I’m here to help future college student’s 😀 not those ones that don’t really care about how their house looks, instead I’m talking to those that have the feeling of creating a “homie” environment.

In the last few days we have been focused in finding furniture to our place, and as an inspiration I found this picture:

I LOVE how the owner created this romantic atmosphere with just a white couch, cute pillows, a big mirror and some pictures. Obviously we (college students) are really short on cash and it’s harder to create such cute room, but I believe that with a great idea everything is possible. Just keep your eye on craigslist, target, walmart and other cheap stores. You never know when you can find an unique piece for your new home.

Best Wishes,