Good news: I don’t have to think about positive things today! No, things are still the same, but I’m just 20 days away to go back home, and I couldn’t be happier. Thankfully he days are passing by really fast! My anxiety is so big that lately my top sites are craigslist (housing search), decor online shopping (beso, target, urban outfitters) and other AMAZING findings to my own personal delight, like clothes 😀 I’ve became an addict in bookmarking fabulous closet pieces, and today I decided to share the ones that I NEED to get it, ASAP!

I have more than 100 links on my “Closet” bookmark folder, including girly flower dresses, navy shorts, wet leggings, oxford shoes, maxi colorful rings and satin scarves, but there are things that I need more than rainbow pieces. So on today’s list, you will only find black&white and my favorite: NUDE! Clothes that will match anything you have in your closet and are the easiest to put together. You’re welcome 😉

note: the jacket is by “Elizabeth and James” and the pumps are by “Jessica Simpson”.

The websites I choose are affordable and you can always find cute things if you dig strong enough. Beso.com is definitely my favorite, right after Asos.com and Forever21.com. AmericanApparel (as we all know) is famous for their simple things and this bodysuit is just PERFECT! FashionDelivery.com.br is a brazilian website, and I don’t know it very well, it was just the only one I found that sold this AMAZING clutch. And last but not least is CiaMaritima.com.br (another brazilian store), which in my opinion has one the bests swimming collections year after year.

Personal secret: I’ve dreaming about this pump for a LONG time! Please God, give me one 😉

What about you? What’s your summer wish-list?

Best Wishes!