I’m a huge believer of carma (like my friend Tatiana lol), and for me everything you put into the world, you will receive it back, three times bigger. I proved this theory more than once, and I’ve seen it happening right in my face, so there’s no way I can’t deny it. And unfortunately human-kind is facing this idea. Consequences, better said!

Through the years, man release into the world the most horrible acts: against each other, but mostly damaging the environment. Thankfully (that’s how I see it) we are paying for every single one of them. Nature is fighting back, however it is in slow motion, little by little. In my conception there’s nothing wrong with the weather, WE MADE IT THAT WAY! By putting into the air all of the chemicals from factories, slaughterhouses, oil barriers… Using all the days we have to kill, destroy, pollute and extinguish every natural resource. There’s no surprise on the news! Natural disaster are happening for a reason: Mankind must be vanished from Earth, painfully!

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Is happening all over the world, and it won’t stop!

However I like to think there’s a way out. Maybe if they quit the devastation of the forest, or shut down all of the slaughterhouses… Maybe we still have a chance. I really hope that my theory is nothing but stupid thoughts, and this bad weather is just something that soon will be over. Yet, this is not the only problem. What about all of those new diseases? Cancer, alzheimer’s, diabetes, h1n1, aids, heart complications… How to explain that?

All that I know is that I’m trying to do my part: recycling (when my “lovely” roommates don’t mix food with plastic), not wasting water, turning into a vegan… Because in the end, is all about what YOU do, not them! We are all part of this humankind, and the problem is our responsibility! Not as countries, groups, or families, but as earthlings. We all share this planet, and we must take care of it. Before is too late…

Best Wishes everyone!


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Tatiana
    Apr 27, 2010 @ 15:38:40

    I feel you!!!! Karma is for real!


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