I always knew that this day would come! The day that I would embrace my passion for animals and finally give up of meat, chicken, pork and dairy. This day is today! This idea is not new, I’ve talked to my mom a lot of times about it, I always had enormous respect for vegans and now it’s my time. The turning point was a book (it’s always about a book) “Skinny Bitch”.


Never heard of it? So go to barnes& and buy it, or just go into their website. Is good, and you will not feel the wish for eating anything that is not good for you. And meat is definitely NOT good for you. Although it’s not only just about me: have you ever read about the kind of things that those poor animals have to go through? Well, I try to keep my mind of it, but I can’t close my eyes… not anymore!

So today I’m here to let everyone know that I’M A VEGAN! It would be hard to change my love for sushi, however I can deal with it. NO MORE!!!

(vegan action)

I already feel better, BUT what do I do with all the canned tune, frozen chicken and meat inside of my fridge? Shit. Help please?


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  1. Rivertrekker
    Apr 25, 2010 @ 21:48:47

    I totally support you! Good for you! I have a copy of this book and love it.


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