Bad day, good cooking…

You know those days when nothing goes right? Where even a walk is a dangerous thing for your mental health? Well I had a day like this today. But don’t get me wrong, I’m not those kind of people who like to talk trash about their own lives and to fell miserable, but today I can’t help it. Thankfully after a pretty crappy english class, I came home to take a nap (the best thing when you’re not feeling good), obviously I didn’t because my head was full of s***, but I decided to watch a good video that would help me to get through the day. It did, A LOT! And if you want to hear some good thoughts about life, please click here, I promise it will at least change your day.

After that, since I needed something to fill my mind with, I started cooking. It is the ultimate therapy! And since I had everything to bake a cake, that was choice. Blueberries cupcakes. It was fun, and helped me putting my mind off bad things and problems. I love when that happens. I even can talk to crazy ex-boyfriend now 🙂

(google images)

These are not mine, but it kinda looks like.

Best wishes! 😀


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