Too much…

Yes! Sometimes after few hours of sleep, road trips around the LA area (downtown and Hollywood) and 5 shots of tequila, your body can’t take it anymore, so it falls down. That happened to me over this weekend. I had so much fun that I couldn’t take it anymore! Yesterday I had a fever, slept the whole day and drank loads of tea. I do feel kinda better, and even got the chance to do some Astronomy homework (Did you know that Copernicus died in the same day that his first book was published?) and tonight I have to practice for my “Good Will Hunting” scene. Hopefully tomorrow I will be 100%!

Even though I was feeling horrible yesterday, I can’t forget about the amazing weekend I had. One of my best friends from Brazil got here to visit me, and the things are more than perfect. Yet, I don’t feel like going back to Brazil at ALL. Especially when I have the opportunity to see a place like these:

And… did I told you I’m going to move to Beverly Hills?? πŸ™‚


Bad day, good cooking…

You know those days when nothing goes right? Where even a walk is a dangerous thing for your mental health? Well I had a day like this today. But don’t get me wrong, I’m not those kind of people who like to talk trash about their own lives and to fell miserable, but today I can’t help it. Thankfully after a pretty crappy english class, I came home to take a nap (the best thing when you’re not feeling good), obviously I didn’t because my head was full of s***, but I decided to watch a good video that would help me to get through the day. It did, A LOT! And if you want to hear some good thoughts about life, please click here, I promise it will at least change your day.

After that, since I needed something to fill my mind with, I started cooking. It is the ultimate therapy! And since I had everything to bake a cake, that was choice. Blueberries cupcakes. It was fun, and helped me putting my mind off bad things and problems. I love when that happens. I even can talk to crazy ex-boyfriend now πŸ™‚

(google images)

These are not mine, but it kinda looks like.

Best wishes! πŸ˜€

Dream house…

Since I decided to live by myself, I’ve been collecting dΓ©cor images on my computer, so when that day comes I will know exactly what I want and how do I want. It will be a hard task, but I can’t wait to spend my days walking around decorations stores finding the perfect pieces for me. Sofas, lamps, rugs, bed, chairs… Oh my!

So thinking about that, today I decided to choose one of my favorites and post. Just to get that thrilling feeling πŸ™‚

(casa de valentina)

I would trade the yellow for a cheerful color, like turquoise&red, or lilac, but besides the room is perfect! Don’t you just want to lay down in that sofa and watch your favorite tv-show? No? I do. “Friends” is on!!

What really matters…

Saturday night (7pm) and thinking about what I was doing exactly 24 hours ago, it’s an amazing joy. Yesterday’s night was so much fun that (again) I can’t understand how everything could always get better. I love my life! And it remind me that things will happen, I just have to be in the right track.

But that is not the reason I decided to post. This topic is bigger than me, and I can’t understand how some people don’t care about it. It’s not human to disregard and forget about what’s going on. We have to stick together and to fight this horrible threat. And I’m talking about the only thing that really matters: The cruelty agains our animals.

I have a puppy back in Brazil, he’s my ultimate joy and I can’t even imagine how angry I would be if someone decided to hurt him. But what about the other animals? Those ones that doesn’t have anyone to speak in behalf of them? Or to make them warm and give anything to eat. Or even worst, what about those animals that are born doomed to became food, OUR food. Should I close my eyes and pretend that nothing is happening? No! I refuse to live life so poorly. And thinking about that I added a new widget here: SocialVibe for Action for Animals. They do exactly what I was talking about. And if you agree with their project, want to help but don’t know how, this is a great way to contribute with animals, and help other people doing things that we can’t, since sometimes we are just too far away. They also are pro-vegan and if you ever thought about becoming one, in their website there’s cool link list and informations about how to join this lifestyle. I already reduced carbs from my diet, now I’m thinking seriously about cutting meat too (I already don’t eat dairies and eggs), it’s the best way to help our planet and also stay healthy.

(wallpapers.pixxp, photobucket)

Do they look food?

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”
Martin Luther King Jr.

My dear Margarita…

I must say: I didn’t wake up happy today. After yesterday’s bash, I woke up feeling tired and not wanting to go to class at all. As a result, I missed my first class and did horribly in my Shakespeare monologue. My feelings didn’t get better during the afternoon either, and I spend 3 hours moaning to my friend (thanks for listening, Aline). THANKFULLY we decided to go out, and God knows there is no way to feel sad walking around beautiful Santa Barbara. Although drinking age in US is not something to be celebrated, today this wasn’t a problem. She ordered a frozen Margarita (my favorite drink in the whole world) and I whenever the waitress weren’t around, I had a sip of that delightful drink. Oh Margarita! By the end of the night everything was ok. Don’t you just love when that happens?

(cocktailculture, donmodesto, intoxicologist)

And of top of all we got invited to join three guys in another bar πŸ™‚ Not bad for a crappy day, huh?


What a horrible title, huh? Unfortunately this was my friend’s feedback for the monologue I presented today. It sucks, I know! But in order to be an actress I have to learn how to deal with rejection. Hopefully I will get better at it! The funny part is that I really had a great day today. Is it weird? Maybe I’m dealing in good way already. Good!

Tuesday afternoon and I feel like having a glass of wine…


That looks great! Share?


Again and Again…

I’m not even starting this blog in the proper way. Since every other one that I owned was a failure, this one I want to do something different with it. Hopefully, I’ll get it right this time.

Normal Monday, I supposed to head down to English 100 by 2pm, but my trip to LA during the weekend, made me want to stay at home, chilling for an extra day. I also have to memorize a monologue by tomorrow, so going to school is not on my to-do’s list. Thankfully I did have a great time driving around the funky streets of Hollywood, eating cheep pizza inside of a cheep hotel, and laughing with two of the best companies I could ask for it. Thanks guys, the weekend was a lot of fun!

But I really have a lot of work to do in my monologue, so I can’t spend a lot of time talking about other things. Although I’m happy that my blog is on again! πŸ™‚

And to start off completely in other direction, I’ll post something I craving for: Lunch.

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